Jeep and Trailer

Get your BE Licence its the law.20141002_164958-1

1. The Theory Test

You must sit and pass the Theory Test/unless you have already passed one for catagory B before an application can be made for your Jeep and trailer Learner Permit [BE Permit] For further details and to make a test booking go to

2. Applying for your Learner Permit

Before you can drive you will need to obtain a provisional driving license BE Permit. You should apply to your local licencing office. In Clare your local office is at Tescos of Ennis.


4. Pre Test Lessons for the Driving Test
The last step towards getting your full BE drivers licence.
Our pre-test package is a detailed, focused and comprehensive training schedule designed to give you the best possible chance of passing jeep and trailer driving test.
As an experienced instructor, who better than me to guide you through this process.

Our pre-test lessons include:
• An assessment of your current driving standard
• A driving demonstration by me showing you how you are expected to drive during the test
• A Mock Test – during this mock test I will talk to you as the tester will and mark any faults that you make as the tester will. You will get to drive on actual test routes. I will ask you the same type of questions that the tester will and I will tell you exactly how to perform the hill start, the turnabout and the reverse around the corner.
• An explanation of any faults you received in the Mock Test, why you received them and how to rectify them
• Dedicated time given to Rules of the Road Questions and Answers, Bonnet Checks, Secondary Control checks etc.

You can book your test online at

What you need to know about towing a trailer on a car licence.

Can I tow a trailer on a car licence?

If you have a category B driving licence to drive a vehicle (car/jeep) you can tow a small trailer. If you want to tow a larger trailer you must have category BE on your licence. For information on licence categories click here.

Is there a weight limit for a vehicle?

The owner’s manual will generally set a limit on the total weight of the vehicle and its load. This is known as the maximum authorised mass (MAM) and is also sometimes known as Design Gross Vehicle Weight (DGVW). It covers the weight of the vehicle, passengers, fuel as well as any load carried on a roof-rack. The manual will also give the unladen weight of the vehicle, ie. the weight of the vehicle without any passengers or load. To know the load which can be carried you subtract the unladen weight from the MAM. If, for example, the MAM is 2010 kg and the unladen weight of the vehicle is 1535kg, then the load which can be carried is 475kg.

What aside from the licence affects my right to tow a trailer?

Even though your driving licence entitles you to tow a trailer, the kind of trailer you can tow will also depend on your vehicle specification. The owner’s manual will generally set out a Towing Capacity- sometimes called Towing Weights or Maximum Trailer Weights- for the vehicle. Some small vehicles might not be allowed to tow any trailer while larger vehicles have restrictions set by the manufacturer of these vehicles on the size of trailer which can be towed. In all such cases the type of trailer you can tow will be the lesser of that allowed by your licence or the towing capacity of your vehicle.

How can I find out more about towing capacity?

The towing capacity is described for licensing purposes as the maximum authorised mass (MAM). Your owner manual/handbook will have a section in it about vehicle specification that will tell you this and almost all vehicles will have a metal plate fixed to its body which also gives this information.

For trailers the MAM is the weight of a trailer itself together with the heaviest load which it can carry as specified by the trailer manufacturer.

What trailers does my category B licence cover?

You can tow a trailer with a

  • MAM no greater than 750kg, and/or
  • Where the MAM of the trailer exceeds 750kg but where the MAM of the vehicle and trailer does not exceed 3500kg.

As a general rule your category B licence would not allow you to tow a horsebox or a livestock trailer for bringing animals to the local mart.

What trailers does my category BE licence cover?

You can tow a trailer

  • In all cases where the MAM of the vehicle and trailer combination is greater than 3500kg but less than 7000kg.
  • In cases where the MAM of the trailer is greater than 750kg. However, note previous question where in certain cases a category B licence will allow you to tow a trailer over 750kg.

A car with a towing capacity of 2000kg can draw a trailer with a plated MAM of 3500kg provided the combination of the weight of the trailer and any load does not exceed the towing capacity of the car e.g. 2000kg.

Car and trailer licence entitlement

Where a person sat a driving test in the car category in Ireland and got their full driving licence in class C before 13 November 1989 they would have been entitled by default to tow a trailer of unlimited size. Some people lost their entitlement to tow a trailer of unlimited size because they did not apply for this category on renewal of their licence or within 10 years of having the class C on their licence.

Due to a change in the law a person wishing to tow a trailer of unlimited size after 13 November 1989 had to pass a driving test in the car and trailer licence category. The Minister for Transport, Tourism and Sport has decided that those people who lost the entitlement can now apply to have this category added to their driving licence without the need to sit a driving test. Any person availing of this change must have continued to retain their entitlement to the car category (category B) since 1989.

The Road Safety Authority is working through the details of this change currently and where a person makes contact with the RSA believing that they fulfil the above criteria, the RSA will take their details and contact the person at a later date.The RSA will update the website with any information and application details in due course.

Why is it important that you tow the correct trailer for your vehicle?

If you tow a trailer that is greater than the permitted MAM you are not safe on the road and this has implications for your own safety as well as that of other road users. For that reason you should take time to understand what trailer is safe and legal to tow on our roads. Ultimately, you are legally responsible for ensuring that you have the correct licence and that you don’t exceed the towing capacity.

How should the load on the trailer be positioned?

Loads should always be placed in a safe and secure position. Wherever possible, loads should be evenly distributed across the trailer and positioned in such a way as to keep the nose weight (i.e. the weight of trailer draw bar on the towing bracket) within the recommended limits for the towing vehicle. Consult your owner’s manual for this figure.

For more information on trailers please click here.

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